Action, the “secret ingredient” to life!

Several years ago there was a best seller called “The Secret.” This book was another in a long line of books of that teaches that what you think determines outcomes in life. Positive thought (and expectation) is “the secret” to success and happiness in life. This Philosophy comes in many flavors.

For people in AA, thought has proven highly unreliable when it comes to determining outcomes. Many have thought and imagined a future full of sobriety, over and over,  only to find themselves drunk or loaded again. For AA’s at least, this Philosophy simply doesn’t work.

What does work is action.

There is a great AA cliche, “we can’t think our way into better living, but we can live our way into better thinking.” AA’s have found this to be true as what they do, in fact, determine how they think.

For the AA, “going off to think about it” is almost always a bad idea. The much better one is getting into some kind of action. This can be action toward the solution to the problem at hand. If this direct action is not available, being of service to others is almost always liberating and empowering option to consider. It’s funny, but thoughts and inspirations arrive at the oddest time, often in the middle of helping others or doing something unrelated.

So if you are down and troubled, don’t think about it, do something…anything!  Get into some action. Get the body moving. Interact with others.

Not only will you become happier, but you will also change your thinking.

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