Asking for help

Asking for help, when done with the right attitude and genuine need is one of the most spiritual things a human being can do. It presents an opportunity for people to connect with one another.

Giving is largely an act of generosity and compassion – both spiritual attributes. Asking involves the spiritual quality of humility. A pure win all the way around.

So why then, when so much good can come from it,  are AA’s (and others)  so reluctant to ask for it?

There are many reasons. Here are two that quickly come to mind.

First is pride – never considered a spiritual attribute. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. With pride/ego present it ‘s hard to ask for help. The act of asking is the tacit admission of the presence of a problem. Most of us like to act as though we have everything under control. Truth is most of do – most of the time. Eventually, all of us will come up against unfamiliar situations where if we hold our pride in check, could benefit from some help.

The second is our old friend fear of change. “If I ask for help, not only will I be admitting I have a problem by asking, but I might receive a  solution that will change me!” It is a familiar axiom that you have to be willing to give up your misery to change for the better. Difficult to believe but some like their misery – because it is familiar.

So if you need some help, it’s spiritual to ask. But be prepared to change.



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