The answers aren’t for sale!

So often when I feel some internal unrest, I think the answer is to go buy something. Dumb right?

This is because this happens without my either acknowledging the unrest that triggers the urge nor the reactive purchase that seeks to quiet it.

Saturday arrives and we pack up the family to go to Costco and we end up with a bunch of things we were not planning to buy. Later we learn we really didn’t need them – they were a waste of money.

Despite learning this we still continue to go back and do it again (and again). This is not surprising as our whole American economy is in cahoots getting us to do this.

What I have found is that buying things is never the answer to internal unrest.  Buying things, in fact, is often covering up the real cause of the disturbance.

Now I ask myself, “Do I really really need to buy this or is there something in my life I am putting off or unwilling to look at?”

Not only have I been surprised with the answers I have come up with, but I find myself buying more of what I truly need.

I have less things to put on Craigslist!

The learning is that on the spiritual journey, the answers are never for sale.



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