One Day at a Time.


AA meetings without leadership often turn into local versions of Oprah/Dr. Phil and sound more like therapy than recovery. A therapy session is not a good thing as the value of AA is that it offers a solution. Newcomers need a solution, not a forum for discussing feelings. Make no mistake that while discussing problems and opinions may feel like it’s the answer, it is not. For AA’s the solution requires action.

Recently I attended a meeting where the topic was “one day at a time” and the discussion devolved into a discussion of feelings and opinions. There were many newcomers at this meeting.

No one who shared mentioned the practical application of this one day at a time concept that is so germane to the AA program it is synonymous with it.

The actual idea of one day at a time is this; if you feel like drinking, just try not to drink today. Don’t worry about tomorrow (or forever). Just try to go all day. Take it one day at a time.

Somehow one day seems more manageable than forever. It’s a reasonable request. With help and support, it is doable to go one day without a drink (or whatever else may be vexing you). When tomorrow comes, you just do the same thing. Before you know it that day turns into to weeks, weeks months, and months into years.

Add the 12 steps, and you have the foundation for incredible life, one day at a time.


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