AA and COVID-19: A Guide


Introduction: As COVID-19 continues to reshape our lives, AA members are grappling with how to maintain sobriety and continue the support offered by meetings while ensuring their safety, particularly as many members are at a higher risk due to age. This article discusses potential solutions and considerations to keep AA meetings functional and relatively safe during these challenging times.

Exploring Options

In a world reeling from the COVID-19 crisis, we are left to ponder the best way to continue our AA meetings. Should we transition entirely to virtual platforms? Should we host smaller, intimate home meetings? Or, should we resort to one-on-one phone conversations, bypassing meetings entirely?

Contemplating Considerations

This section offers four key considerations regarding AA meeting attendance during this pandemic. It encourages members to overcome the typical denial often seen in alcoholics, understand the reality of COVID-19, and act responsibly. This includes taking care of personal health and safety, respecting the comfort and safety of others, and keeping informed about the ongoing situation.

Choosing Optimism Over Fear

Keywords: In these testing times, it’s crucial to maintain the essence of our AA meetings. This is not a place for fear-mongering or mirroring the distress often seen in the news. Instead, focus on the joy of sobriety, express gratitude, and provide a much-needed respite from the pandemic. Use the meeting time to connect deeply with others and share positive, inspiring stories.

Embracing a Considerate Approach

At the heart of our actions during this pandemic should be love and concern for others. This includes adopting all possible precautions to protect the safety and well-being of our fellow AA members. Make a conscious effort to change your behaviors and ensure you’re positively impacting those around you.


Keywords: Indeed, as we navigate these unprecedented times, more will be revealed. It’s important to remember that AA meetings offer something unique that can’t be replaced. Therefore, as we adapt to new ways of connecting, it’s paramount to be cautious and mindful. If you see changes in interaction such as fewer hugs or handshakes, it’s not a sign of detachment, but rather a symbol of deep care and concern for each other. Stay safe and healthy.

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