Remaining Teachable in Recovery

My friend Joe L. shared an insightful perspective, “You can sum up the program with one concept: remaining teachable.” The profundity of this remark offers a poignant reflection on the journey to recovery.

The Struggles with Ego and Pride

When clouded by ego and pride, willingness to accept guidance and constructive direction can wane. The stubborn insistence on going about things “my way” takes precedence, often leading to roadblocks in the journey to recovery. The unteachable state, characterized by inflexibility and arrogance, can make interactions and relationships challenging, leading to isolation.

The Value of Self-Honesty

Honest self-appraisal can be a transformative tool. Upon realizing that the knowledge we hold is limited and that no one knows everything, we open ourselves up to the potential for growth. The cliché rings true – the more we know, the more we realize how much we don’t know. Accepting this truth can indeed be empowering.

Humility and the Quest for Help

Once we acknowledge our lack of knowledge, we position ourselves in a state of humility that allows us to seek help. The assistance we seek often comes in the form of guidance or direction.

The Spiritual Transformation

When we take the received direction and translate it into actionable steps, a deeply spiritual process is set into motion – change. This change marks personal growth, and a step towards recovery and transformation.

So, indeed, Joe’s wisdom holds true: remaining teachable says a lot about our journey to recovery and personal growth. Embrace humility, stay open to learning, and remember that being teachable is at the heart of our program.