Being “teachable”

My friend Joe L. has said, “you can sum up the program with one concept, remaining teachable.”

How right he is!

When I am full of ego and pride, I am unwilling to take good orderly direction. I become stubborn and insistent on doing it my way!

I am also quite the joy to be with when I am in this unteachable state!

When I am honest with myself, my inventory reveals that I don’t know it all. Nobody does. This can be about something specific or just in general.  The cliche is true; the more one knows, the more one knows what they don’t know.

The sooner one accepts this, the better off they’ll be.

Once I know that I don’t know that puts me in a position where I can be humble and ask for help.

Help often comes in the form of direction.

If I turn it the direction into action something very spiritual occurs – I change.

Joe might be right, being teachable says so much!


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