AA: Challenges During COVID

We find ourselves in unprecedented times, sailing through uncharted waters. Claims of crystal clear visions for the coming weeks, months, or even beyond, are merely illusions. The current situation demands a day-by-day approach, adapting to the unfolding scenario. But the question remains – how can we navigate these uncertain times? Here are two strategies I’m employing in this whirlwind.

Keeping AA Meeting Focused on Recovery

Firstly, I’m avoiding COVID-19 discussions in AA meetings. A poignant remark from a recent meeting continues to echo in my mind, “I’ve heard enough about COVID-19, I need to stop drinking!” This profound statement resonated with me, bringing us back to our primary focus.

Although we’re living in extraordinary times and venting might be therapeutic, AA meetings should remain dedicated to our central issue – overcoming alcoholism. When I first embraced sobriety, the world outside was unimportant compared to the exhilarating journey of recovery. Now, with the novelty of video conference AA meetings wearing off, I aim to keep my contributions centered on alcoholism and the recovery process, leaving the pandemic chatter behind.

Embracing Self-Reflection

However, this doesn’t mean we should ignore or suppress our thoughts and feelings about the pandemic. On the contrary, this unique situation provides a chance to introspect and gain deeper self-knowledge.

In these times, I find myself reflecting on broader issues – what is truly important to me? Am I aligning my life with my values? What am I missing? What fuels my fears? And, above all, how blessed am I to be sober in this storm!

Capture your thoughts and feelings while they’re fresh. Discuss these revelations with a sponsor or a trusted AA confidant. Consider if there are any immediate or future changes you can make and seek their help in staying accountable.

Navigating the Noise of AA Zoom Meetings

AA Zoom meetings have been a mixed bag. On the one hand, it’s commendable how swiftly the AA community mobilized to establish these online connections. On the other hand, disruptive crashers, technical glitches, and security breaches have added a layer of ‘noise’ to our cherished meetings.

However, ‘noise’ has always been a component of AA meetings. But the question of safety in these virtual meetings remains critical. “Do I feel safe sharing amidst disrupters and distracted attendees?” For me, the answer is no. Hence, I often choose to pass during meetings, preferring one-on-one connections with fellow AA members instead.

The Ever Present Hope in AA

In AA, our message is one of hope. Regardless of your circumstances, sobriety is achievable. Millions have succeeded. And when you look around, you’ll find people who are testament to this fact, offering the assurance, “You can too!” This beacon of hope is undoubtedly why people are flocking to our meetings.


As we navigate these extraordinary times, we must remember to maintain focus, embrace self-reflection, navigate the ‘noise’ of online meetings, and cling to the hope that AA offers. And most importantly, stay sober.

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