Perceptions and Reactions

So many of my troubles are routed in my seeing things wrongly and not through the lens of my higher power.

Instead, I see things through the lens of “self” where I am at the center of whatever I am perceiving. Fear and ego are front and center in these perceptions and worse, these perceptions are often unbeknownst to me.

So then my hypersensitivity hastens my need to react-when maybe I shouldn’t.¬† This makes matters worse because now I am over or under reacting to a perception, not the real reality.

This is why the book talks about “pause when agitated” and “restraint of tongue and pen.”

Before I react, I should confirm my perceptions. I should ask the other person, “help me understand, is this what you are saying?” Once they confirm, then I stand a chance, of reacting appropriately.




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