Hyper Sensitivity in Recovery

The Struggle with Perception

One common challenge on the road to recovery is the constant struggle with perception. Often, our problems root themselves in our flawed perspective, one that views the world through a self-centered lens rather than that of our higher power. This biased viewpoint places us at the heart of our perceptions, with fear and ego becoming dominant factors. What makes this even more challenging is the insidious nature of these perceptions—they often lurk beneath our conscious awareness.

Hypersensitivity and its Consequences

This self-centric viewpoint often leads to hypersensitivity, compelling us to react hastily and impulsively to situations when perhaps a more measured approach is warranted. This can exacerbate problems, leading to overreactions or underreactions based on distorted perceptions rather than the objective reality. The result? A cycle of misinterpretation and reaction that spirals out of control, creating a disconnect from the true essence of situations and people around us.

Adopting Restraint: A Practical Approach

The wisdom of the Big Book offers crucial guidance in this regard. It advises us to “pause when agitated” and practice “restraint of tongue and pen.” These simple yet profound recommendations encourage us to avoid impulsive reactions based on our skewed perceptions.

Before we react, it’s important to confirm our perceptions by seeking clarification. Asking questions like, “Help me understand, is this what you are saying?” allows us to bridge the gap between our understanding and the other person’s intention. By doing so, we are more likely to respond appropriately, mitigating potential misunderstandings or conflicts.

Embracing the Power of Accurate Perception

Adopting this approach enables us to replace hasty reactions with thoughtful responses, preventing the escalation of conflicts and misunderstandings. Over time, this can lead to stronger, healthier relationships and improved personal wellbeing.

While shifting our perception might not be easy, it’s an essential step towards recovery. As we learn to see things through the lens of our higher power, we free ourselves from the constraints of self-centeredness, fear, and ego. This shift offers us a more objective, compassionate perspective, promoting better understanding and healthier responses to life’s challenges.

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