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  • Addiction and ADHD: A Deep Dive

    Addiction and ADHD: A Deep Dive

    Table of Contents 1. Introduction: Observations in AA Meetings Have you ever attended an AA meeting where, after the topic has been announced and discussed by several members, someone asks, “What’s the topic?” Or perhaps you’ve noticed attendees who can’t seem to stop fidgeting. These observations are more common than one might think. 2. The…

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  • Simplicity and Complexity

    Simplicity and Complexity

    In the journey towards sobriety, there are two sides to the AA coin. On one side is the elegant simplicity of abstinence from alcohol. Conversely, the other side reveals the complex tapestry of our lives, each one unique in its approach to sobriety. This dichotomy lends an endlessly fascinating aspect to the AA program. Once…

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  • The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous – Divine?

    The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous – Divine?

    Understanding the “Book Thumpers” in AA In the journey of recovery, individuals attending AA meetings will inevitably encounter those members known as “book thumpers.” These individuals uphold the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous as the ultimate and final source of recovery wisdom. The “book thumpers” or “AA fundamentalists,” as I call them, perceive the Big…

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  • The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous – Human?

    The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous – Human?

    Absent Topics: From Sponsorship to Poly-addictions Newcomers to AA often find that the Big Book, while invaluable, is missing some critical information relevant to their journey. For instance, the text does not explicitly mention the concept of a sponsor, a critical component of recovery. Similarly, the book does not address topics like daily AA meetings,…

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  • Sponsorship and AA Tradition

    Sponsorship and AA Tradition

    AA’s Open-Ended Design: A Blessing or a Curse? The structure of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) inherently promotes a certain level of unpredictability. The Twelve Traditions of AA make meetings largely autonomous, and the role of the AA sponsor is even more individualized. Sponsors often adopt personalized interpretations and approaches to the steps, despite having no formal…

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  • Beyond ‘Keeping it Simple.”

    Beyond ‘Keeping it Simple.”

    A Long Journey to Sobriety I’ve embarked on a long journey of sobriety, attending countless AA meetings, listening to myriad stories, and absorbing lessons from the Big Book and other AA publications. I’ve sponsored individuals, engaged in enlightening conversations with old-timers, and have had the opportunity to observe diverse paths towards sobriety. But what wisdom…

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  • Blog Author Jim S’s Journey

    Blog Author Jim S’s Journey

    A Lifelong Commitment to Recovery and AA Jim S., the creator of this website, is accountable for all its content. His journey with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) initiated unexpectedly on July 30, 1987, which he originally thought was his first encounter with the organization. Years into his sobriety, he realized he had actually encountered AA once…

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  • The ACE Approach to AA.

    The ACE Approach to AA.

    Two Sides of the Sobriety Coin In the world of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), we often confront a paradox. One facet presents the elegant simplicity of abstaining from alcohol. Conversely, the other showcases the vast complexity that each of our lives injects into our personal journeys with sobriety. The Fascination and Freedom of AA The diversity…

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  • AA: Abstinence over Processes.

    AA: Abstinence over Processes.

    The Central Purpose of AA After spending decades attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, it’s easy to become engrossed in the intricate discussions that unfold. However, amidst these dialogues, we sometimes lose sight of the primary objective of AA: the absolute and total abstinence from alcohol and non-prescription drugs. This is the simple yet profound solution…

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  • Step 1 in AA – Self Diagnosis and Alcoholism.

    Step 1 in AA – Self Diagnosis and Alcoholism.

    Introducing the Steps Series This is the first part in a series exploring the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The series will draw on my personal experiences and opinions, aiming to provide helpful insights for those journeying the same path. In AA meetings, you will often hear clichés surrounding Step 1: “We admitted we were…

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