Seeking truth is not for the lazy

“The first and foremost challenge is to be more aware, of myself and others, to make more of my unconscious conscious, to see more of the truth.”  from What Really Matters by Tony Schwartz

AA’s have a hard time facing the truth. They are habitually good at it. So much so that the word “denial” has become inexorably linked with people struggling with addiction.  Facing the truth of their addiction is, indeed, the first step toward recovery. Why is it AA’s so often resisted what is good for them?

Facing the truth for the first time often demands action and action mean work.

Say the doctor tells you that you are overweight and at risk for an early death. If you sincerely want to live, then you must change your behavior – otherwise, the consequences are spelled out. Failure to take action means you either don’t care about living longer, or, more likely; you are lazy.

Lazy and apathetic – not a good way to be remembered!

So if you care and have a good work ethic, facing the truth should be a snap. Something you should crave and continually seek.

If the truth is unflattering, you should not be afraid so long as you are willing to work.

What truths are you avoiding in your life today?




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