Embracing Truth Not Denial

“The first and foremost challenge is to be more aware, of myself and others, to make more of my unconscious conscious, to see more of the truth.”  from What Really Matters by Tony Schwartz

In his work “What Really Matters,” Tony Schwartz presents a poignant challenge, urging individuals to cultivate awareness of themselves and others, making unconscious aspects conscious, and seeking the truth. For those in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), this pursuit of truth is particularly significant.

The Denial Dilemma in AA

AA members often grapple with acknowledging the truth. This denial has become so prevalent that it’s virtually synonymous with people struggling with addiction. Indeed, acknowledging the reality of their addiction marks the crucial first step towards recovery. So why is it that AA members frequently resist what is beneficial for them?

Truth: The Catalyst for Action

Recognizing the truth often necessitates action, and action translates to work. Consider a scenario where your doctor informs you that your weight is putting you at risk of premature mortality. If you genuinely desire a longer life, a change in behavior is essential. If you fail to act, it implies either an indifference towards longevity or, more likely, an element of laziness.

Beyond Laziness and Apathy

Being characterized as lazy and apathetic is hardly an admirable legacy. If you care about your health and have a robust work ethic, then embracing the truth should come naturally. It’s something you should desire and continuously pursue.

Fearless Pursuit of Truth

Even when the truth is unflattering, there’s no reason to fear if you’re ready to put in the work necessary for change.

Self-reflection: What Are You Avoiding?

It’s worthwhile to ask ourselves: what truths are we shying away from today? Unmasking these hidden truths and engaging in conscious actions to address them can pave the way towards significant self-improvement and recovery.

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