Spiritual Awakening

One of the most grandiose statements in the 12 steps is “having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps!”

A spiritual awakening virtually guaranteed by working the steps? Really?

Were I brand new and looking in I would think, “uh oh, here we go, another religion!”

But AA is not a religion. It may have some dogma, but it most certainly is not a religion.

What it is, is the devotion to a spiritual way of life that involves conscious reflection and effort.

So what exactly is this spiritual awakening?

It is many things, different over time – a bit hard to define.  Perhaps famous AA Chuck C. says it best, “it’s like having a new pair of glasses!”

True! With a spiritual awakening the world starts looking different. Same world, whole new perception.

The Buddhists describe obtaining nirvana as “awakening from a deep sleep.”

Indeed, and how true for the AA!

AA’s who practice the program go  from taker to giver, self-centered to altruistic, and victim to responsible adult.

Want to know if an AA has had a spiritual awakening? Follow them around for a couple days – it will be obvious.

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