True or False AA Quips

Welcome to our latest blog post that offers a bit of levity. Below, you’ll find a series of whimsical true or false questions related to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these playful queries!

Humility or Humblebrag?

  1. It’s crucial to boast about your humility during an AA pitch. True or False?

Meeting Manners

2. Exiting an AA meeting immediately after sharing is the epitome of cool. True or False?

Famous First Impressions

3. Dr. Bob considered Bill as “a bit of a psychotic windbag.” True or False?

Lonely, But Not Alone

4. An alcoholic is a person who craves companionship while isolating themselves. True or False?

The Van Theory

5. The notion that all addicts should attend AA meetings because “addictions are all the same,” originated from a treatment center with a single van. True or False?

Men’s Meetings

6. Men who avoid men’s meetings are seriously flawed individuals concealing something. True or False?

Social Media Sobriety

7. Broadcasting your AA Birthday on Facebook is a brilliant idea. True or False?

Odd Romance

8. In AA romance, the odds are good, but the goods are odd. True or False?

The Complexity of Identification

9. An alcoholic who identifies themselves as an “addict-alcoholic” is far more intriguing and complex than a regular alcoholic. True or False?

What’s Old is New

10. If you’re still engaging in “old behavior,” it’s not old, it’s current behavior. True or False?

Living Solo

11. If you’re stashing your booze while living alone, you might be an alcoholic. True or False?

Remember, these questions are designed for a laugh. Hope you had a chuckle!

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