True or False Quiz

I came up with a few silly True or False Questions. Enjoy!

  • It’s important to brag about your humility during an AA pitch. True or False?
  • Sharing at a meeting, then leaving before the meeting is over is a super cool move. True or False?
  • Dr. Bob thought Bill was “a bit of a psychotic windbag.” True or False?
  • An alcoholic is a person who wants to be held while they’re isolating. True or False?
  • The idea that alcoholics, drug addicts, overeaters, gamblers, and sex addicts should all just go to AA because “addictions are all the same,” was started by a treatment center with one van. True or False?
  • Men who don’t go to men’s meetings are seriously flawed human beings who are hiding something. True or False?
  • It’s a great idea to announce your AA Birthday on Facebook. True or False?
  • AA romance – the odds are good but the goods are odd. True or False?
  • An alcoholic who introduces themselves as an “addict-alcoholic” is a far more interesting and complex human being than a regular alcoholic. True or False?
  • It’s not “old behavior” if you are still doing it. It’s current behavior. True or False?
  • If you are hiding your booze, and you live by yourself, you may be an alcoholic. True or False?

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