Think it through…

Another great AA concept that offers broader application is “think through the drink!”

The idea is that instead of thinking how good a drink might be, think instead of what happens after that drink. For the AA, rarely is there ever one drink. Usually, that first drink leads to much more and then the AA is on another spree.

This idea of thinking it through can be a useful tool whenever faced with choices and decisions. Simply asking the question, “then what?” or “what happens next?’ can help make difficult decisions clearer.

This idea of considering consequences of actions has a distinguished philosophical pedigree in the study of Utilitarianism. Unfortunately many do not consider consequences creating many avoidable problems for themselves in the process.

When I was a newcomer, in a sad emotional moment, I impulsively quit the job I had without having another job in place. I didn’t think it through. This decision caused me financial problems that followed me for several years based on that one wrong decision!

So think it through before you skip that next meeting. Think it through next time you want to leave a meeting early. Think it through next time you turn down a service commitment. Ask yourself, “then what happens?”

Now if only people would think that way before they did thinks on the Internet.




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