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“Pause When Agitated” offers personal reflections from a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), providing valuable insights and perspectives obtained through decades of sober living.

The site name is inspired by a popular phrase from the AA Big Book:

“As we go through the day, we pause, when agitated or doubtful, and ask for the right thought or action.”

AA Big Book page 87

Since its inception, our blog has welcomed over one hundred thousand visitors, becoming a treasured resource in the sobriety community. We extend our thanks to all who have visited and shared our content.

Independence and Authenticity

This site operates independently, with no official affiliation or sanctioning from Alcoholics Anonymous World Service or any other recovery organization. Our commitment to authenticity is further reflected in our choice to avoid the use of affiliate links or clickbait, common practices on many recovery sites.

Voices of Recovery

The content here represents the personal opinions and experiences of its anonymous author. Our main aim is to offer engaging and insightful discussions on the quest for wisdom through sober living. The devastating reality of alcoholism and addiction propels our commitment to provide hope, perspective, and encouragement to those struggling with sobriety.

Our Belief in AA’s Principals

While there are multiple paths to sobriety, we firmly believe in the efficacy of AA. The principles it espouses—like honesty, self-reflection, and shared problem-solving—predate the inception of the sober movement by AA co-founders Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. The organization’s unique proposition is that permanent abstinence from alcohol and mind-altering substances is inextricably linked to personal development and wisdom-seeking.

The spiritual awakening described in the AA steps is a lofty goal. Although not everyone resonates with the spiritual language of AA, the practical “design for living that works” has positively transformed the lives of millions.

Your Visit is Appreciated

We warmly thank you for visiting Pause When Agitated and invite you to explore the wisdom and hope encapsulated within our articles.

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