About Pause When Agitated

Pause When Agitated provides reflections of an inner nature from sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous. The phrase pause when agitated is a popular one often repeated in the rooms of AA (and elsewhere) as it comes from the big book of alcoholics annonymous. The full phrase,

As we go through the day, we pause, when agitated or doubtful, and ask for the right thought or action.

Pause when agitated has proven a good name for a site that addresses what might be on the mind of people interested with sober living.

Since this blog was started there have been over one hundred thousand visitors. Thank you for visiting and if you find anything useful please share.


This site is not affiliated with, nor sanctioned by, Alcoholics Anonymous World Service. Or, any other recovery organization.

There are no affiliate links or clickbait found on so many other recovery sites. Recovery is a big business, and this site is a hobby.

The content presented here expresses the opinions of its anonymous authors. This blog is published entirely for the enjoyment of anyone who cares to read about the quest for wisdom through sober living.

On a Serious Note

Nothing can be more devastating that having a loved one caught in the spiral of alcoholism or addiction. It is heartbreaking. Getting sober and recovering from addiction is hardly ever easy or straightforward. We feel for anyone struggling with sobriety. It is our hope some of the articles on Pause When Agitated provide perspective and hope for what will likely be a sober journey.

While there are many roads to abstinence, AA remains the single most effective treatment for alcoholism.

AA principles such as honestly, writing things down, and discussing problems with others go back long before Bill and Bob began the sober movement. What was unique for AA was the idea that obtaining permanent abstinence from alcohol (and other mind altering chemicals) was tied to becoming a better person making wisdom-seeking a worthwhile goal.

Admittedly, as the steps say, “having had a spiritual awakening” is a lofty goal. And, while not everyone shares an enthusiasm for the spiritual language found in AA, most appreciate the practical “design for living that works” millions have found through AA.

We thank you for stopping by!