Honesty Without Meanness

In the early days of my sobriety journey, I was eager to lay bare my soul at group meetings. The level of honesty I presented, however, was met with some unexpected resistance from other members. This puzzled me, as I had assumed that honesty was a fundamental part of sharing within the group.

Honesty Coupled with Discretion

My sponsor then shed light on the situation, explaining that while honesty indeed forms the backbone of our sobriety efforts, it should be paired with a robust exercise of discretion. As I learned, open-heartedly sharing your truth is integral to recovery, but it should be tempered with discernment and respect for the boundaries of others.

The Digital Era: A New Challenge for Discretion

The advent of the digital age has added a new layer to this lesson. In this era of swift and indelible electronic communication, it’s even more crucial for us, as members of Alcoholics Anonymous, to practice discretion. This principle applies not only when sharing our experiences at group meetings but also when posting on social networking sites.

The balance between authenticity and tact can be a challenging tightrope to walk, but it’s an essential aspect of our journey toward recovery. After all, in a world where our words can have immediate and lasting impact, the virtue of discretion becomes all the more significant.

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