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  • The Irony of Prayer

    The Irony of Prayer

    Often people pray for others. When there is nothing else to say or do, as in a troubling or tragic situation, people often say, “I’ll pray for you.” This is a kind thing to say as many people believe that God or a Higher Power responds directly to prayers and petitions. Whether or not this is the…

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  • The Serenity Prayer in Recovery

    The Serenity Prayer in Recovery

    The Serenity Prayer is one of the most cherished prayers in the recovery community. Its simplicity and profundity provide a beacon of hope and a guidepost for those striving to overcome addiction. Universally accepted across various faiths, it carries a profound message about peace of mind, the willingness to act, and humility. A Pursuit of…

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  • The Pitfalls of Judgment

    The Pitfalls of Judgment

    In Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the act of “judging” someone is euphemistically referred to as “taking their inventory.” The Illusion of Judgement While sitting in a meeting, looking at another member, and listening to what they say, it’s easy to make hasty and ill-informed judgments. However, it’s crucial to understand that people’s pasts often significantly influence…

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  • Religion vs. Spirituality

    Religion vs. Spirituality

    The oft-repeated cliche in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings is, “Religion is for those afraid of hell, and spirituality is for those who have been there.” Debating these cliches may seem futile, but their prevalence suggests an underlying truth that resonates deeply with people. The Intersection of Spirituality and Religion It’s undeniable that clear distinctions exist…

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  • Welcome to Pause When Agitated!

    Welcome to Pause When Agitated!

    A resourceful platform dedicated to guiding you through the journey of recovery with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Whether you’re a newcomer starting your sobriety journey or an old-timer strengthening your resolve, our aim is to make the path less daunting.

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