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  • Restraint in Communication

    Restraint in Communication

    Introduction The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, a core text in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), extolls the virtue of staying quiet: “Nothing pays off like restraint of tongue and pen. We must avoid quick-tempered criticism and furious, power-driven argument. The same goes for sulking or silent scorn.” While AA is a program of action, inaction—especially when…

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  • Thinking it Through

    Thinking it Through

    The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program has gifted us many profound concepts, one of which has far-reaching implications beyond overcoming addiction: “Think through the drink!” The Concept Explained The premise of “thinking through the drink” isn’t just about craving a sip. Rather, it’s about envisioning what happens after that initial indulgence. For someone dealing with alcohol…

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  • The Core of AA Meetings

    The Core of AA Meetings

    The efficacy of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings can sometimes be undermined when the focus shifts from solutions to mere discussions that resemble a therapy session. This deviation from the central goal of AA can be counterproductive for newcomers seeking real solutions. The Risk of Unfocused Discussions Without effective leadership, AA meetings often resemble local versions…

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  • Consumerism vs Inner Peace

    Consumerism vs Inner Peace

    It’s a common inclination to seek comfort in material purchases when dealing with internal unrest. However, does this buying behavior genuinely provide the peace we seek, or is it merely a distraction? Acknowledging the Cycle of Unrest and Purchasing Curiously, when experiencing internal unrest, the immediate thought that often comes to mind is to buy…

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  • “Talk Doesn’t Cook Rice”

    “Talk Doesn’t Cook Rice”

    The Chinese have an impactful saying: “Talk doesn’t cook rice!” While it may sound like a simple truth, its profound implications are worth contemplating, especially in the context of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The Obvious Truths Often, the most meaningful truths in life are the simple and obvious ones, and this adage is no exception. It’s…

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  • Embracing Truth Not Denial

    Embracing Truth Not Denial

    “The first and foremost challenge is to be more aware, of myself and others, to make more of my unconscious conscious, to see more of the truth.”  from What Really Matters by Tony Schwartz In his work “What Really Matters,” Tony Schwartz presents a poignant challenge, urging individuals to cultivate awareness of themselves and others,…

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  • The Power of Asking for Help

    The Power of Asking for Help

    In the sphere of personal growth and spirituality, asking for help when approached with the right attitude and genuine necessity, is a profoundly spiritual act. It provides a unique opportunity for individuals to create meaningful connections and embrace humility. The Interplay of Giving and Asking At its core, giving is an act steeped in generosity…

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  • Remaining Teachable in Recovery

    Remaining Teachable in Recovery

    My friend Joe L. shared an insightful perspective, “You can sum up the program with one concept: remaining teachable.” The profundity of this remark offers a poignant reflection on the journey to recovery. The Struggles with Ego and Pride When clouded by ego and pride, willingness to accept guidance and constructive direction can wane. The…

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  • Prioritizing Daily Compassion

    Prioritizing Daily Compassion

    “Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not!” These wise words by Samuel Johnson ring true even today. But how often do we fall into the trap of self-centeredness, forgetting to be kind to the ones we hold dear? The Forgotten Act of Kindness For many of us, and certainly for me, such…

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  • Unmasking Fear

    Unmasking Fear

    Recognizing Fear in Sobriety Fear is an emotion with which many members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are intimately familiar, even if they do not always recognize it. When someone decides to quit drinking, the newcomer typically grapples with a multitude of fears: Will the program work? Will they choose the right sponsor? Are they attending…

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